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See what other people are saying about our Hampton Place apartments! At Hampton Place Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.


Great Management, Clean Nice Cozy Quite Great Location Good Internet Please do not listen to the others reviews they all must be spoiled rotten kid's that never grew up, Apt are beautiful appalinces are nice and the apt are spotless, of course when you first move into a place where another family has been living your going to have to clean a little and that is about what any one would have to do, if you want perfect go buy your own bran new house other then that your in a apt with other people around you, You have every kind of store you need walking distance no one is allowed to smoke on property haven't seen not one piece of trash or dog poop don't know what planet these people came from but they need to go back to their mommies and daddies and have mom and dad wipe their butts ,Any one with have a brain would love to live here Maria John


The good: 1-Apartments themselves are nice, good appliances, look great. No complaints at all. 2- The noise from the side apartments is silent. In the 2 years I lived there not one time did I hear them. 3-Office staff was always nice and friendly. I never really dealt with them that much though. Just paid our rent on time and didn't cause any fuss. In fact one time when the online portal was down and It was the weekend so the bank and office were closed, Monday the rent was "late" I called and talked to them they understood and took off the charges without question and all was well. So A+ for the management 4-All around it was a fine place to live for 2 years. The Bad: 1-The ceiling insulation or sound deadening is less than desirable. If the upstairs neighbors do any activity other than normal walking you can hear it, and sometimes if they're being really really rambunctious (our upstairs neighbors had a 5 year old) it can shake the lights. However I will say that's what you get for living in an appt. It is to be expected to an extent. 2-The snow removal where the parking was, wasn't great. I know it can be tough to remove the snow where the cars are parked but a 4wheeler or something could have done it. However the whole row was just left and iced over. I have a truck so I could go right over top but a car would have been in trouble and therefor made parking tough. I am writing this on move out day so I have yet to receive the final bill. We left the place very clean, had the carpets cleaned, even got some touch up paint and fixed what few marks there was on the walls. So I will update if they hit me with any unnecessary fees. Other than that it was a great place to live.


Office Staff was attentive to all my needs! Maintenance was great, came over almost immediately every single time. Really enjoyed living here.


Love our place. super quite and apartments have nice appliances.

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